Tron Helmet Light

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TRON-lightmod - 3-Mode Helmet Lights

Get Seen on Road.

There's a direct correlation between the visibility of a motorcyclist's helmet and their safety. Now you can give yourself a boost in both safety and aesthetics.

TronLightmod adds glowing EL components onto the outside of the helmet using a combination of super-strong glue and chemical accelerator. You control things via a box that clamps onto the helmet between the shell and padding.

Gives you three modes: a Tron-like constant glow, a blink setting, and off. It's far cooler than riding around in a reflective orange vest and runs on 2 AA-batteries.

Each tronlightmod kit is pre-assembled with all necessary components for you to design your own Tron-like led helmet.

Time to get creative with your own tron helmet design.

Works on all type of helmets.

Basic Kit Components:
Light wire - 3 meters
3-Mode Light controller
Mounting tape/stickers

* Freebies
Free Shipping!
Pair of Batteries in lucky box only

* helmet & battery not part of the kit.


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