Thigh+Tank Bag

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Riders Waist/Thigh cum Tank Bag
Stylish, safe and easy way to carry your valuables while riding.

A black dapper thigh bag with enough space for all your valuables, mobile, wallet and more. It is splash proof and made of very tough material. Very easy to use while riding and accessible while on the bike as well.

Front detachable pocket can also be used as a tank bag. It has three powerful magnets that sets it straight on the tank for you to keep your stuff right under your eyes. When you get off, you can simply attach it back!


- Durable PU/Leather/Poly mixed material - Detachable tank bag (Magnets included) - Multiple Pockets Design
- Spacious - Dual Strappings.

- Uber stylish - Free size (Elastic band on the thigh and waist)

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